Sunday, 3 December 2017

Final reflections - and a huge Thank You!

Two weeks after returning home from Myanmar seems a good time to share a few reflections on a truly amazing trip.

Firstly, it was a very intense experience: a challenging non-stop itinerary covering huge distances; a tough climate and terrain for cycling; and the non-stop sights and sounds of Myanmar - virtually 24 hours a day!

Secondly, it was a very social experience: meeting with dozens of local students and professionals in Yangon as part of our workshops and project visits; working with medical staff aiming to improve healthcare throughout Myanmar; so many wonderful local people who welcomed us so generously.  And of course a great group of people to ride bikes with!

And thirdly, it was a hugely inspiring experience: Being part of a mission to support Article 25 and their very talented staff in Myanmar was a real privilege, and we now look forward to completing the design guide and continuing to support the collaborations we have initiated.

So a HUGE thank you so much to everyone who has supported me on this adventure whether through messages of support, or through your generous sponsorship.  Together  we have raised over £34,500 so far and there is no doubt that the funds raised will help to make a huge difference to the improvement of healthcare to some very deserving people.

Geoff x

(PS my donation page will stay open until the end of December at:



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