Saturday, 11 November 2017

Sat 11th November: Mt. Popa – Meikhtila

We were up very early today to try and make a headstart on the cycling before the heat of the day. So up at 5am so, breakfast at 6am, and the team was rolling on the road at 6.30! We descended the mountain quickly and then headed out to find 2 health centres en route. 

We found the first mid-morning - an older style facility currently serving 36,000 people - and completed our assessment including interviews. We then headed on with fantastic views of Mount Pipa fading behind us to reach our 5th site. Although it was unstaffed due to the weekend and holiday period we were given permission to assess it from the outside and so could appraise the building and facilities in comparison with the others we had seen previously.

Having passed sugar palm plantations and sesame, peanut and corn field we finally completed the challenging hilly terrain and arrived safely at the lake town of Meiktila. We are all tired but happy at the progress we're making - both on the bike and with the research. Now looking forward to some rest this evening before setting off right and early again tomorrow!

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